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What to Expect if Hired as an Office Clerk

General office clerks perform a variety of clerical tasks, including answering telephones, typing documents, and filing records. Duties General office clerks typically do the following: Answer and transfer telephone calls or take messages Sort and deliver incoming mail and send outgoing mail Schedule appointments and receive customers or visitors Provide general information to staff, clients,… Read More »Find Admin Jobs

80% of Resumes are Rejected in Just 11 Seconds

The resume is the first impression a potential employer will have about you, long before an interview or introduction is possible. It’s one of the best ways to showcase your unique skills and experience to employers, which is the first step to getting the interviews (and job) you want. In today’s fast-paced hiring landscape, 80%… Read More »Find Admin Jobs

Facts about the US Minimum Wage in 2019

What is the federal minimum wage? Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal minimum wage for covered nonexemptemployees is $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. Many states also have minimum wage laws. Where an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher minimum wage rate.… Read More »Find Admin Jobs

Why are Apprenticeships making a huge comeback?

In June 2017, President Trump signed the Executive Order “Expanding Apprenticeships in America.” This Executive Order contained several important tasks and requirements to help modernize America’s education systems and workforce development programs by expanding apprenticeships. Q:  What is apprenticeship? Is an apprenticeship a job? A:  Yes! Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can… Read More »Find Admin Jobs